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Hello, my name is Sue, and I’ve just survived a possum problem! A while ago, we had a possum make its home in our roof. While I quite like possums, this one soon got to be a problem, and we knew that we had to get rid of it. I didn’t want to harm the little fella (and I knew that the possum maybe had more rights than we did as a protected species!) so I started talking to pest control specialists about how to catch the possum and have it safely relocated. We then had to make sure that our roof was possum proof to prevent this happening again. I started this blog to pass on some of the stuff we learned about catching and removing possums. If you have an unwanted possum in your home, I hope it helps you work out what to do!

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Do You Have A Termite Problem In Your Home? 3 Ways To Deal With It

There are too many termite treatment alternatives available on the market. Choosing the best option for them is important; however, it may be more difficult given the abundance of options. Even after spending much time attempting one remedy after another, the termite infestation may still need to be completely resolved. It would help if you spoke with experts in termite control to get their opinions on each remedy. Here are the top three treatments that could be effective in your house.

Termite Killers And Repellent In Liquid And Powder Form

Termiticides come in two different forms: liquid and powder. When dealing with subterranean termites, liquid termiticides are excellent. First, the experts examine areas containing nests and other infestation indicators. After that, they spray your property with liquid termiticide to erect a barrier between it and the little insects. The easiest technique to deal with termites adjacent to your home is to repel them so that if they crawl near it, they will be repulsed. Before building the slab, hire professionals to evaluate and apply the treatment. They are also adept at using the chemicals found in a vertical structure.

Termite Killers That Don't Repel The Vermin

The non-repellent termiticides are an additional common choice. They are effective because they require introducing the chemical close to the termites and letting them engage with it. Termites will typically be killed as soon as they come into touch with the termiticide's active ingredients because they are typically poisonous. When used in high concentrations, the termiticide is fatal to termites but safe for people. The procedure is also quite effective since termites spread the treatment to the remainder of the colony after coming into touch with it, which allows them to handle most of the eradication work.

Treatments That Combine Several Types Of Chemicals

You can also combine repellent and non-repellent termite killers. It's called the exterior perimeter and localized interior treatment by the exterminators. Because the specialists can apply the repellent on the exterior walls and the non-repellent on the inside spaces, it is generally important to allow the pest control specialist to lead you when choosing the product combinations that will be most effective for your termite problem.

Talk to trusted pest exterminators this fall and have them assess your home for a possible termite infestation. In winter, the termites hibernate and cause massive structural damage to the home. Eliminating them before the cold season will save your home from damage.

Contact a pest control service for more info.