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Hello, my name is Sue, and I’ve just survived a possum problem! A while ago, we had a possum make its home in our roof. While I quite like possums, this one soon got to be a problem, and we knew that we had to get rid of it. I didn’t want to harm the little fella (and I knew that the possum maybe had more rights than we did as a protected species!) so I started talking to pest control specialists about how to catch the possum and have it safely relocated. We then had to make sure that our roof was possum proof to prevent this happening again. I started this blog to pass on some of the stuff we learned about catching and removing possums. If you have an unwanted possum in your home, I hope it helps you work out what to do!

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Various Pest Control Methods for Different Household Pests

One of the biggest inconveniences for any homeowner is dealing with a pest infestation. Here are some handy pest control measures you could engage in before having to call in the professionals.

Carpenter bees

As the name suggests, this type of bee is attracted to wood. Thus, your best defence in keeping them away would be to ensure that all the wood surfaces in and around your home have been painted. If you would not like to paint them, then you could settle for staining the wood or putting preservatives on them but your best option would be to have them painted. Before you paint these surfaces, ensure that you have plugged all the holes that bees have made on the wood. Ensure that you spray insecticide into these holes beforehand then let them air dry so that the pesticide can penetrate the wood before painting.


Typically, a severe bedbug infestation will require professional fumigation to eliminate it. However, there are a few pest control measures that you could try before paying for these services. One of the measures of bed bug control that you could try is to embark on thorough housecleaning. Ensure that you get rid of any clutter that is providing a cosy hiding spot for the bugs. Other measures of bed bug control that you could take would be to move the bed away from the wall as this tend to give the bugs easy access to you as they can jump from crevices in the wall to your bed. For effective bed bug control, you should also ensure that your bed covers are not close to the ground thus the parasites cannot jump onto them from the floor. You can also take extra measures of bed bug control by dipping the legs of your bed in some mineral oil. Bed bugs cannot fly, they tend to jump and climb thus this should deter them.


The first method you could use for efficient mouse control would be to always ensure that your home is clean and sanitary. Mice are attracted to food waste. For this reason, you should ensure that all your food waste is disposed of in the correct manner without leaving any leftover food items behind. Leftover food items that consist of meat or fish should be tightly wrapped and thrown in bins that can be sealed shut. Another method of effective mouse control would be to ensure all the vents, outlets or drains in your house have been sealed off. This should be done with wire meshing hat consists of small spaces that the rodents cannot squeeze through. You should also ensure that the meshing is strong enough that the mice cannot gnaw through it.