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Hello, my name is Sue, and I’ve just survived a possum problem! A while ago, we had a possum make its home in our roof. While I quite like possums, this one soon got to be a problem, and we knew that we had to get rid of it. I didn’t want to harm the little fella (and I knew that the possum maybe had more rights than we did as a protected species!) so I started talking to pest control specialists about how to catch the possum and have it safely relocated. We then had to make sure that our roof was possum proof to prevent this happening again. I started this blog to pass on some of the stuff we learned about catching and removing possums. If you have an unwanted possum in your home, I hope it helps you work out what to do!

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Termite Control: Tips to Keeping Your Home Protected

A little-known fact about termites is that they fall under the same taxonomical category as other insects such as wasps, ants and bees. However, one of the main characteristics of termites is that they have an insatiable appetite for timber products. This is because timber contains cellulose and this compound not only provides nourishment for the termite, but it also keeps them sufficiently hydrated.  Moreover, the wood also provides the termites with shelter, which functions to enhance their breeding. As such, having them on your property can lead to extensive structural damage if left unchecked. Below are some of the tips that you could employ to keep your home protected from a termite infestation.

Eliminate all moisture sources around your residence

If you suspect you have a termite infestation, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you eliminate all sources of moisture. One way to do this would be by investing in a dehumidifier that will limit the amount of moisture in the residence. In addition to this, ensure there is no puddling of water in close proximity to the foundation of the home.

Eliminate any dead timber on your premises

Another measure to take would be to ensure that there is no dead timber lying around on your property. Dead timber could be in the form of a felled tree, twigs that have not been brushed away or a tree stump that is decaying. Any rotting wood on your property would be an automatic food source for the termites. Additionally, the longer the dead timber is left on your property, the higher the chances that it will attract more termites onto your property. It will only be a matter of time before these termites begin to make their way into your home in search of other timber sources. It should be noted that when you are eliminating tree stumps, it is best to have them uprooted. This ensures that the roots will not keep growing and thus providing more timber for the termites to feed on.

Employ the services of professional pest control

Once you have eliminated the food and moisture sources, it would be prudent to hire pest control services. There are various techniques that are used when it comes to termite control. The measures that the pest control services would take would depend on how severe and extensive the infestation is. For instance, if it is only limited to your yard, baiting may be an adequate option as opposed to fully fumigating the premises.