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Hello, my name is Sue, and I’ve just survived a possum problem! A while ago, we had a possum make its home in our roof. While I quite like possums, this one soon got to be a problem, and we knew that we had to get rid of it. I didn’t want to harm the little fella (and I knew that the possum maybe had more rights than we did as a protected species!) so I started talking to pest control specialists about how to catch the possum and have it safely relocated. We then had to make sure that our roof was possum proof to prevent this happening again. I started this blog to pass on some of the stuff we learned about catching and removing possums. If you have an unwanted possum in your home, I hope it helps you work out what to do!

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Is It Time For Your Termite Inspection

Termites are the last thing that any homeowner ever wants to have happen to their property, but if you aren't vigilant about these pests then they can creep up and cause a huge issue. You might not even realise that termites inhabit virtually all of Australia, including Tasmania and most of the inhabited islands up and down the coast. There are also a lot more species of termites out there than you think, with well over 300 known about in Australia alone. So, how do you know if it is time for a termite inspection? Here are three tips to help you figure out when you should call the pest control experts.


While termite inspections are not required every year (as long as you don't notice any of the following warning signs) it can be good practice to still make them part of your long-term home management schedule. Every two or three years, you should schedule a termite inspection just in case your particular case of termites has been well hidden from you. It is not impossible to have quite a bad case of termites without your knowledge, so random spot-checks can be a great idea for pragmatic homeowners. 

Door And Window Jams

When termites burrow through wood, they can make it quite moist and this will, in turn, affect the remaining wood. If the termites are located in the floor of your house, they can make sections of it warp or rise, which will cause doors that are located over the problem areas to jam more than they used to. If the termites are in the walls, then the same thing can happen to windows. It is not just your mind playing tricks with you, this happens to people all the time and you can never be too careful when it comes to termites.

Neighbours Warning

Termites can be a bit like a plague that roams from one area to the next. When they come to town, it is common for multiple houses in an area to get affected by termites, especially in more suburban areas. If you hear that your neighbour is struggling with a termite infestation, then do not just think that you are lucky that it hasn't happened to you. Without a termite inspection, it is impossible to know if you have dodged this bullet, and even if you have for now, you may want the pest control company that does the inspection to install some preventative measures to make sure it stays that way.

Reach out to a professional for a termite inspection